Saturday, February 23, 2008

Camo Hat

After getting Jackson dressed in his camo and ready to play outside for the day while we got some yard work done, I found his hat that matched--and he loved it! He wore it for most of the day without tearing it off. He also figured out how to turn in backwards so that it would not fall in his face when he was looking down at the stickers!--he got stickers for peeing in the potty on his own! We were changing his clothes and he grabbed himself and yelled "PEEEEEEEEE!" and ran to the potty. Adam set him up on his potty and he went!! Just a little, but enough to make Adam and I do the pee pee dance and get the stickers out!

Tonight, we met up with our friend Greg who JUST got back from Irag. We ate crawfish at Outriggers and then the band started, and Jackson was mezmorized by the instruments. Then, he started dancing, and all the drunk middle-aged, hoochy-momma dressed ladies started ooohing and awwwing over him and trying to dance with him. It was pretty comical. Here are all these ladies dancing like idiots, with their big fake boobs might I add, and Jackson in the middle! Mind you, it was 7:30pm, so we were partying with a rough crowd I guess! No, we were not the bad parents for the second time in a year, we ate dinner at 5:00 then the band started so Jackson and I stayed for a bit longer, and left at 8:30 for bath and bedtime! And, it's an outdoor patio, so no children were harmed by second-hand smoke--only by the drunk lady who picked Jackson up and nearly fell over--it was time to go!! Yikes!

So now, we are home, waiting for Daddy and the entire crew to end up at our house. I have sleeping bags/airmatresses/couches all ready for them, along with goodies for breakfast that I picked up on my way home. I am exhausted and ready for bed!! (Jackson conked out on the way home! All that dancing wore him out!!)

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