Sunday, February 10, 2008

Work Weekend

As I was saying before, we are getting ready to put our house on the market. Although we think we have someone who wants to buy it without having to go through a realtor, we still had a few projects to finish up and some cleaning ouy and staging to do, just in case she falls through.

On Saturday, Mom and Dad and Aunt Tacey came over to help out with the work load. Mom and I cleaned and cleared out the rooms and the boys followed behind touching up paint, caulking, fixing things, etc. Jackson and Aunt Tacey played outside ALL DAY! The kid was a mess! He was covered in sidewalk chalk (including his teeth after he took a bite out of it!) , and he had a good time coloring all over one of mommy's old backdrops that we laid out for him. I also had gotten him a bubble gun and he had a blast blowing bubbles all over the place! And while we were in the garage moving some boxes around, Jackson was being quiet and decided to color all over Daddy's company car. That's right--the Mustang he brought home for the weekend had red crayon on the bumper! YIKES!! He fell late in the afternoon and really skinned up his knees. Between the bruises and the scraped up knees, he was a mess!

I had to leave for a photo shoot in the afternoon, but we got the bathrooms, our room, closet, hall closet, and Jackson's room cleared out and cleaned for show. When I got home, Adam and I recreated a play place for Jackson in the garage--all his big toys are now set up for play, along with a box of little toys. I'd rather he be playing out there making a mess than in my house while we are showing it--and he loves it! It's like a new playground to him, so he was out there til LATE last night. Adam laid down to do an "ab" workout and Jackson stood staring at him, then followed suit! He just laid their kicking his legs--so cute!

This morning, we woke up and had a breakfast of champions--donuts and juice! Jackson kept saying "Choo-Cha, Cha-Choo" for his chocolate milk (no clue).

Then we were off for more work--I power-washed the walkway and driveway, while Adam tackled re-grouting the kitchen counters. As soon as that was done, it was time for lunch and cleaning of the pond (for the millionth time we have lived here--I HATE THAT F***ING POND!!) The entire time we were outside today, Jackson was right next to us. He helped me power-wash, then rode on his Cozy Coupe for about an hour, then mowed the lawn for another hour, then played with his bistro set. Literally, he was outside with us from 10:00-3:30 just playing, not whining, not asking for anything, just playing. He took time to eat 2 pieces of left over pizza and an Uncrustable (healthy, I know, but he was hungry and that's what we had time for!) but other than that, he was on the move playing. And getting DIRTY!! My kid was FILTHY for 2 days! His face was a mixture of snot and dirt! Uhhh! He's a boy, alright!! He LOVED being DIRTY!!

We headed to the backyard where he discovered the Tangelo tree. It's been there forever, we just don't do much with it. Jackson wanted to pull ALL of the oranges off of there! Adam peeled one to give to him and he chowed down!

And, he rediscovered his swingset. He's always loved the swing, but he enjoys the teeter-totter and the slide now! Oh, and riding on Daddy's shoulders!

Grandma Netty and Aunt Tacey brought us chili for dinner--and brownies! They knew we had been working all day and needed a break! Thanks girls! We ate, we chatted, we played in the garage while Jackson made us cocktails at the bistro grille....

And now, we are exhausted. Jackson did NOT take a nap today, so him and Daddy took their bath, got some milk, and Jackson was out COLD in about 2 minutes after laying down with Daddy--Adam said he took about 3 sips of milk and dropped it out of pure exhaustion! It was a great day!!


Sheri said...

LOVE-LOVE the pictures!

Have you guys found a house yet? or still looking?

Good Luck!!

Kayla said...

I love the picture of Jack about to bite into the orange. So cute!