Tuesday, September 30, 2008

'stros Game with the Girls + Jackson

So we had a girls night out + Jackson last Friday! Elizabeth, Mommy, Rachel, and Rusti all took Jackson to see the Astros in a great game against the Braves. Jackson loves the Astros--loves baseball games in general (okay, pretty much just the pro games) and at the end of the game, we got to see some KeeBooms!! Jackson was nervous and excited about the Keebooms! He liked them, but they were so close I think it scared him a little bit! His favs "I yike de Orwange Keebooms! I yike de Orwange Keebooms!" He repeated himself over and over, to no one, like Rain Man! Seriously!

My battery on my little camera went dead right when we got there, so Elizabeth sent me some pics of all of us from the game!

Jackson + Rachel dancing in between innings!

Jackson, say "Cheese!"


Rickie said...

Man Clint and I were at that game too!

Sheri said...

Are you sure Jackson was watching the game or just having a lot of FUN with all those beautiful girls?

Ramie Babcock said...

Well...they are pretty, huh!! He didn't get much game watching in while flirting with Elizabeth and throwing peanut shells down her shirt, I'll tell you that!! HA!