Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Having fun with Dad-nyee!

**Note: No children (Jackson) were hurt during this stupid Daddy-style game.**

**2nd Note: Jackson has been told he is NOT allowed to play this game unless Daddy is home!**

The other night, I kept hearing Jackson laughing hysterically. I was watching TV and in the zone tuning out much of what the boys were doing--I try to do that often. Especially at night after a long day of mothering/working/cleaning/erranding/etc. But when I saw what they were doing, I had to laugh. As dangerous as it was, Jackson was having a blast and I couldn't help but laugh too. I still watch this video and think "What the hell were we thinking?" but then again, I see videos of myself and of Adam when we were little, and I ask our parents "What were you thinking? Were you nuts?!" So now, I feel like I am contributing to Jackson's adulthood in that he will actually have the same opportunity I did to ask that ridiculous question. See...I'm not a bad parent. I'm a thoughtful one who is looking out for her child's future......don't judge me.


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