Tuesday, September 09, 2008


This weekend was pretty jam packed. We had planned on re-landscaping the front yard since we moved in, but were waiting for everything to go on sale (why pay full price when you can get it for 70%off, right?!) and this weekend seemed like the perfect time. And it was! The weather was GORGEOUS!! Cool, crisp...the perfect "beginning of fall" day! So we got up and tore nearly EVERYTHING out of the front. The landscaping was fine, it was just boring and over grown....so we ripped it out!

My dad came by with his truck and somehow got suckered into helping pull out a few stumps and roots....sorry Dad. I think you are always working when you come over...sometime you should just stop by for a beer and sit in the driveway...someday, huh?!?!

We left our empty landscaping and our mess and headed to Houston Garden Center...

Jackson and I had been there earlier in the week and bought begonias and some flowers for my pots. That was the day we shopped with MeeMaw. We bought the plants, then picked her up and headed to Target for some gloves and tools--gotta love end of the season clearance! I got some really cute Sloggers to wear in the yard for $3.00!! YEAH! Jackson got some Go Diego gloves that day, some cute kids shovel/hoe set, and then insisted on a pot and a plant of his own.

Adam and I picked up a slew of foliage, and went back to start planting. We got all of the plants in and then had to get showered for a party that night. On Sunday, we got up and finished our outdoor project with more plants, mulch, and LOTS of watering! A job well done! We love it! We are the only house on the block now with color in our front yard--seriously. You'll know our house by the array of red, orange, yellow, and green!

Mommy's Mum and Jackson's little plant that he HAD to have...

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Sheri said...

Love what you did to your front. GREAT JOB!!!