Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I go Bow-ing!!

The day before my surgery, Thursday night actually (remember the LONGEST DAY EVER?!) after I had checked into the hospital and did all of my pre-op stuff, we went to dinner, washed the car, then headed to Main Event to go bowling. Jackson had been talking about it so much and I wanted him to have something fun to remember, other than sitting in the waiting rooms all day and seeing Mommy and Daddy stressing.

The video says is all:


So now, at 2 years old, Jackson has done the following:

--Gone Miniature Golfing
--Gone Bowling
--Seen a Movie in the Theater (Wall-e)
--Been to 4 Astros games
--Flown on an airplane 4 times
--Been to the Rodeo and Brad Paisley
--Seen his 1st concert (The Wiggles)

He's done more at 2 than I did in about 25 years.....

A few days later, after asking Meemaw a ton of times to take him bow-ing, she came over and brought Jackson this:



rustiutsey said...

Darnit! I almost bought Jackson the giant bowling pins for his b-day! too curte!:)

Sheri said...

What fun - you will have to sign him up for a league soon. CUTE - CUTE - CUTE!!