Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Astros with Jeff + Alicia

Our friends, Jeff + Alecia (the ones we went to Lake Tahoe with) invited us to go to the 'stros game on Wednesday. I was feeling better, although still not wanting to talk about anything, but I said I would go. And it was well worth it!

Alecia works for the Hyatt Downtown as a corporate sales guru (she's good--call her if you have a company that needs hotel rooms--I think. I'm not really sure what her job is, I just enjoy the perks every once in a while!) The Hyatt has great seats for the 'stros and they were not using them, so she got them. We got to the Hyatt at about 6:45pm and parked valet. Then, they had a blacked out Tahoe waiting for us to escort us to the front door of Minute Maid! We have such a hard life, I know! We were all joking that the paparazzi were going to be waiting for us as we got out of the car....oh wait, it's just Ramie!

Jackson had a blast, as usual. Daddy had bought him a suprise on his way home from work: a real baseball glove! He put that glove on when we were leaving the house and NEVER took it off--he actually held it up for the entire car ride there and in the car on the way to the game....

Jackson really wanted to see that train in the outfield move. He kept asking me when it would go, and finally, I got tired of him asking me, and the fact that we had not hit the ball all game, I said, "Jackson, when they hit the damn ball, the train will go. Tell them to hit the ball!" Not even realizing what I said, I continued talking to Jeff. Then, Jackson yells "HIT THE DAMN BALL! HIT THE DAMN BALL!" I couldn't help but laugh, and the entire section in front of us turned and started laughing hysterically. But you know what, they got a hit! And the train moved! He was so excited!

He also liked the WooWoo. We didn't know what the WooWoo was and he would ask, "Where WooWoo go?" HUH?!?! Then finally, he pointed to the field in between inings and we figured it out...the police officer. The WooWoo. He was excited to see a police man so close, I guess!

And the funniest part of the night: Jackson referred to his sippy cup as his "cold beer". Between the swearing and the drinking, we are raising a really classy kid, aren't we?!?! He'd tell us to raise our beers, and CHEERS! I had one Miller Chill and Adam had 2 Miller Lites....where he gets it, I don't know.....

Jackson fell asleep the minute we got in our car to drive home...such a busy week!

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