Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Miss Lindsay

Last weekend, we had a great visitor come into town--my best friend Lindsay! I've been friends with Lindsay for a little more than 12 years (we met in high school on the first day of freshman year--algebra!) She went to St. Elizabeth, I went to St. Francis, and we both went on to Maize for high school. And although I don't get to see her as often anymore--she lives in Austin with a successful real estate career--it never seems like we skip a beat. I could go for months without talking to her, but it seems like we never missed a day when we get together. That's a true friend!

The last time I saw her was when Jackson was 1 month old. We decided to go out for drinks, and we left Adam ALONE with Jackson for the first time! So when she called to say she was coming to stay with us on Friday night, I was so excited! She got to our house about 7:30. Jackson had fallen asleep in the car on my way home from my mom's, and I told her he'd wake up soon and party all night with us--and he made a liar out of me! He slept all night! Never woke up! I think he was having a growth spurt, because that NEVER happens. But, it was kinda nice to relax and talk and catch up with out him running around. Adam lit a fire in the fire pit on the back patio and we sat outside drinking wine all night, chit chatting about life, careers, relationships, babies, and stories from the past! It was great!

The next morning, I jumped in the shower while Adam was getting ready for work. Lindsay heard Jackson waking up and said "Can I go and get him?" Adam said "Oh, he's probably just moving around, he's not up yet." "Adam, he's standing in his crib staring right at me!" "OH! Sure! Go get him--if he'll go to you..." And he did! He put his arms up and went right to her!

We spent the morning just lounging around the house then headed down to The Strand in Galveston--we just walked around, shopped a little, and then had lunch at a great little cafe. Jackson slept through lunch (again, fabulous because we could have an entire meal without anything falling on the floor!!). We hit King's Candy store for a real, old fashioned malt--yum!! Lindsay had a Halloween party to get to that afternoon in Houston, so we wished her off (Jackson gave kisses and hugs!) around 4:00pm. It was a great visit!

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