Thursday, October 04, 2007

He peed!!

On Monday, I was at GG Jane's and Jackson started pulling on his pee pee. I said "Jackson, do you need to go potty?" He yelled, "Potty?!" and took off running into GGs master bathroom. I took his diaper off, set him backwards on the potty, and he PEED!! Although, he kept trying to grab the pee as it was coming out, and everytime I would say "NO!" he would stop mid stream since I scared him. But I was sooo freaking excited!! I gave him a whole cookie just for peeing on the potty! Yeah! (then he knew he could be onery....trouble maker!)


Alicia said...

Yay Sugar! You peed!

GG Jane said...

I finally got the chocolate cookie washed off my wall.

grandma Netty said...

Ha! "Grandma Sugar" strikes again:)