Thursday, October 04, 2007

Weekend from Hell

I am soo far behind on blogging, so you get, yet another, LONG BLOG ENTRY! Sorry about that. Let's start with last Friday. I was at home all day on Thursday waiting on the FedEx guy to show up with my new lenses for my wedding on Saturday--he never came. Jackson and I had a play date with MOPS on Friday at 10:00am that we missed because we were still waiting on the FedEx guy. So, I called my mom to come and sit at my house while I took Jackson to his 15 month appointment at 2:15pm. (FedEx finally came AFTER the appointment) In the mean time, Adam calls to tell me his mouth is killing him, his tooth is throbbing, and since he couldn't get in to see our Dentist, he called around and found an Endodontist that was open and they let him come in at the last minute--guess what? He needs a root canal. Lovely! One more thing to add to my shitty day! But, I'm thankful he was able to get in, otherwise he would have been in pain all weekend! Yikes!

Jackson is doing great, according to Dr. Perona. His vocabulary is extraordinary since he has so many words so far. His stats:

Height: 30" (he didn't grow from his last appointment)
Weight: 22 lbs 4oz (again, didn't grow from his last appointment)

Says: bye bye, baby, belly button, ball, bird, momma, daddy, Adam, Agee, amma, Tacey, go, juice, dink (drink), ing (swing), milk, bink, cheese, turkey, Jackson (yes, he knows his name), potty, doggy, ticky (sticky), shoe, diaper, tank uuuu (thank you)

She wasn't concerned with his lack of growth, so I'm not either. The kid eats, and we have accepted that he will be short just like Adam and I were. He better be freaking fast is all I have to say, that's all he'll have going for him if he's not big and tall (look at Biggio--he's not big!)
Jackson got 4 shots and DID NOT TAKE THEM WELL!! He was fussy and clingy all night...

Then for the bee story--see above.....that was my Friday night.

Saturday we had Lindsey and Jeff's wedding. I was working it, so Adam had the day to get Jackson dressed and out the door and up to Conroe by 6:00pm--AND HE DID IT! I was so proud! Jackson got to see Delaney and Mommy's friends (Rachel, Amy, Elizabeth, Courtney, Rusti....all the ADPi girls basically!)

And finally, Sunday, we rested.

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