Friday, October 05, 2007

TJ Berrytales

After Jackson's nap today, he just wanted to get into the trunk where his TJ Berrytales is stored. He loves that bear. When he got is from Santa, he really wasn't old enough for it, but now, he gets the biggest kick out of it. Although we are tired of the song "Safari, Safari..let's go on a Safari!", we like the fact that he can sit and listen to a story (at least for about 5 minutes). And, it came with a camera that he finally (after 15 months of having the paparazzi in his face) figured out how to say "Cheese!" and hold it to his face! When Daddy got home, Jackson was sitting on the trunk trying to give TJ his bink--until he heard the planes! He is really into planes right now--he looks up and points. The air show is at Ellington this weekend, so we've had planes fly over our house all day, and Jackson and Daddy went out to watch them, then back to play with TJ! He's got a little buddy!



grandma Netty said...

Grandpa thinks we may need to go to the airshow tomorrow. Jack can bring his camera.

Ramie Babcock said...
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Ramie Babcock said...

I'm sure he'll get those FLYING planes to say "cheese!"... just like he got that dino to magically start singing again...the kids a GENIUS!! HA!