Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Yesterday was a big day for Jackson! All the candy, all the attention, all the other kids to watch and see!! All the walking!! All the pictures! Yikes!!

We started at 5:30 with getting dressed. He really liked his Giraffe costume this time--he kept the hat part on all night!! We hit my Uncle Russ and Auntie Di's house first (same as last year!) Jackson walked up to the porch and rang the door bell (all by himself) and Cousin Ashley answered the door! We had been working on "trick or treat" but settled for "BOO!" and "eeeesse?" (please) They had gotten him a toy instead of candy--a fabulous tee ball set where the ball spins instead of flying! Soo cute! He wanted to open it right then and there! He got to see their dog Spike (who was very excited to see us!) and Jackson couldn't stop staring at him!

Then on to my friend Lindsey Desadier's parents' house (same as last year). They are the nicest people, so we like to drop in to say Hi, even if it's only about once a year! Mrs. Desadier took lots of pictures, Jackson said "eeessse" and then became facinated with their pumpkin scarecrow!

Then on to Karl and Nicholes--where he wanted to take the candy basket with him! (THEY HAD GOOD CANDY!) Then, we took to the wagon and headed down the street to the block party in the court at GG Jane's! Lots of people, lots of candy, lots of food!!

Our friends Becky and Gregg stopped by with their little boy, Owen (I shot his baptism) who was a pirate--super cute! Jackson got to hold him (he was pre-mature and has had to under-go some surgeries lately, but you'd never know--he is just growing like crazy and is just too adorable!) Jackson had his first kitkat and got chocolate everywhere (this is why he doesn't get to eat them! Messy!)

Then back to Grandma Netty's and Grandpa Scott's for some more candy--Jackson ate so much Twizzlers and DumDums. Jackson wass totally overtired, so we headed home, just in time to run next door to Bill and Lisa's for some more goodies!

It was hard to get this little monster ("I'm all jacked up on twizzlers and kitkats, Mom!") to bed. but he finally crashed about 10:30...and so did we!

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