Thursday, October 04, 2007

Root Canal

On Tuesday, Adam had his root canal. I got an email from him early in the morning that he was a little nervous about it--my response: I've had a C-section. Until they rip your stomach open and pull a 7 pound mass out of you, don't whine! But I did feel bad for him--I hate shots and needles and that sound. So he came home from work--Jackson was SOO excited when Daddy came in the door! And we made a day out of it. We dropped Adam off and once he went back, we had 45 minutes to get our errands ran! Post office, Clinique counter, Helzberg for a quick ring cleaning, and then back to the endodontist to pick him up. We were exhausted (all of us) so we all took an afternoon nap and watched the Food Network--we were asleep for over 3 hours! Yikes!

When we woke up, we were starving, so we went for an early dinner at Lupe Tortillas--we love their fajitas and they have a play place for the kids--full of sand and toys! We sat on the patio so Jackson could play and we could sit and watch him. Then, home to finish cleaning up the house (I have no clue how our house continues to get dirty and messy! It's never ending!) and folding laundry--then, Jon & Kate plus 8!! I freaking love that show! She's my idol! So organized, a little dramatic, a little bit mean to her hubby (okay, that party is annoying, but it makes me realize that I need to be nicer to Adam!), but she's amazing!

Other than the drilling and pain killers, it was a good day!

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