Monday, October 08, 2007

Ellington Air Show

This weekend was a blast! Literally! Friday night, we just lounged and blogged! It was very relaxing...and a little funny too with Jackson's Happy Feet!

Saturday morning, Daddy had to work, so Jackson and I ran around the house getting some things done in the AM, then called and arranged an Air Show Adventure with the Grandparents and Aunt Tacey. We met at Lenny's for lunch (Adam walked over at work), then we were off to Boeing's Tower Two/Sunny Carter Training Facility parking lot to watch the air show. We weren't sure how long Jackson would sit still, nor if he would go into hysterics with the loud jets, so we didn't want to pay $20, we just parked it across the field from Ellington. It was actually ALOT of fun! I thoroughly enjoyed watching the old planes and then the fighter jets flying over. There was one plane that did lots of tricks in the air, which was impressive.

After the air show, we went home to take some naps and showers, then on to a BBQ at one of Adam's college's homes. The mosquitos were HORRIBLE! Poor Jackson had 6 bites right when we walked in the backyard. Needless to say, we didn't stay long--their house was not baby proof and with breakables everywhere, I spent the 2 hours chasing Jackson around. The poor kid--it's not his fault. It was a strange, confined house and everywhere he went, I was telling him "No No Baby--don't touch. Don't open that. Don't go up those stairs. Don't touch the kitty--just wave at her." It was exhausting. And since he hadn't really had a nap all day, he was out of it.

We went home and Jackson was zonked in the car before we hit the driveway, so Adam and I actually got to enjoy a night out on our patio with candles and wine. We had adult conversation, future planning, and just really enjoyed a night with JUST the two of us. We made a pallet in the living room (like we used to do in college) and watched a movie in the living room. I'm getting too old for that, though, because the floor made my back hurt and at 4:00am, I woke up and headed to my comfy bed!!

Sunday I had a photo shoot in Downtown, so the fam headed down there early and walked around the streets of Houston! I love doing that! We ate lunch at Frank's pizza and then met my clients for a great session--then HOME for dinner and some more relaxing....the weekends go by too fast!

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