Friday, August 03, 2007

Wanna see???

...what I've been busy with the past few weeks! Well, check out my photography blog! From weddings, to DVD slideshows, to wedding albums, custom coffee table books, music debut album covers, to the cutest little kiddos, a few families, a baptism...even some doctor's appointments....I'm ALMOST done! I have one last wedding to process tomorrow and post my favs (I hope to get it done before they return from their honeymoon!) and two more coffee table books to create...but I am going to try and get done with WORK by Monday, then have the entire week to spoil my little man rotten with trips to Palm Beach, Fun Max Jump In, and maybe some time at Grandma Netty's pool! (and when he's napping, getting my house re-organized and do some end of the summer thorough cleaning--my ceiling fans are atrocious!)

It's busy around here...I need a vacation! Anyone have a destination wedding they need a photographer for!? I'm willing to photograph for vacation!! HA!

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