Thursday, August 09, 2007

Palm Beach--Finally

I took the morning off from working yesterday to take a fun day with Jackson! Finally! We've been getting up early all week (6:30 for me! Yay!) and getting a really good breakfast for Jackson and coffee for Mommy (thank the Lord for coffee), along with keeping up with the house work. It's been a really good week! Mommy has not been feeling good for quite some time now (many doctors' appointments to figure it out--more about that another time!) so getting up and going is HUGE!

We started the day with breakfast (and a morning bottle--hopefully our last. We are done with the night time baba, but the morning one has been hard to break) then Jack was ready for the beach!! I love this hat!

We picked up Grandma Netty and took her to Palm Beach (Galveston) for her first trip to the SplashPad! We had so much fun. It wasn't crowded at 9:30, so Grandma got her season pass and picture taken pretty quick, then it was off to the water park! Jackson showed Grandma how he runs through Splash Park all by himself--and he made lots of new friends too! Although Jackson thinks his is 10 like the rest of the kids on vacataion....he took off with them when they headed to the beach part! Mr. Independent...he got half way there (with us watching him go), stopped, then waved them bye bye! On his way back to us, he discovered the "rock" speakers, and danced for a bit. We picked our bags up and headed to the beach part ourselves. Jackson likes the sand (although we didn't have any "toys" on this trip and he kept trying to walk over to the kids' toys next to us. We waded in the water, then back to the Splash Pad for a little snack. That's when Jackson become really solo--Mom and I sat in the chairs and Jackson just took off to play in the water with some other kiddos--he'd look back every once in a while to see if we were still sitting watching him! It was a really fun morning--and exhausting. The minute we got in the car, I put the van in reverse and Jackson was OUT!! So tired!! He slept the whole way home!


Sheri said...

I can't believe how grown up Jackson looks! So how many haircuts has he had? Jack has changed so much since he turned 1.

Ramie Babcock said...

Only the 1st hair cut! He's due for another one! It's getting long again!