Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Busy Day!

My goodness! We had quite the day! We got up this morning and scrubbed the house--bathrooms, laundry, kitchen, gathered all the dry-cleaning. Then Jack and I packed up and headed out to get Daddy some lunch. Adam woke up last night craving pancakes--no idea why, but he had to have them. But, it was 11:30 so I made him go back to sleep and forget about it. So Jackson and I surprised Daddy with Denny's!! We stopped and dropped off the dry cleaning, then picked up our to-go order at Denny's and headed to his "little" office (he wasn't at the big office today, so it was just us!)

After lunch, it was time for Jackson's second haircut (and stupid Mommy forgot the camera) but he did exactly the same as the first time--just sat there looking around and wondering what the heck was going on! Didn't cry--he really likes Nelly (we're going to start making appointments with her--she's amazing and so nice and quick!) Then, it was back in the car to stop at Mommy's doctor's appointment (again, more about that later! I'm still debating about posting the LONG story about my medical crap--please don't ask me about it, though. I feel like a broken record!)

Jackson fell asleep the minute we got there (Hallelujia!) so he was great in the waiting room. The only difficulty I had was trying to pee in a cup while holding a sleeping toddler--not easy. But, he was so out of it, I threw down a blanky (why I had one in the diaper bag I have no idea) next to the door and laid him down, peed super fast (didn't get a chance to wash my hands) and had him back sleeping in my arms in about 35 seconds! The minute we were done there, it started a massive downpour with lightening and loud thunder, so Jackson and I sat (him still sleeping) on a bench by the door til it blew over (about 15 minutes) It was still sprinkling when we were running to the car, and of course, the second I close the door to the van, it stopped.

Next was the post office to drop off a package and then to Grandma Netty's to say hi and grab some tea. I needed to go to the grocery store to fund my "Month of Meals" calendar again--so I called GG Jane to see if she wanted to partake in the adventure (she loves the grocery store and I love her shopping with me because I don't by stupid shit when she's with me--Adam, you should be happy too because those Day Lilies get me every time I walk in there!) And, she's an amazing bargain shopper! So, I got a month worth of meals, lunches, breakfasts, everything for $180.00!! Yes, this time we included lunches for Adam and Jackson and I and breakfast for Jackson (last time, he was feeding on the boob, so my bill was cheaper!)

Now, we are at home, I'm cooking dinner and finishing up my business task list for the night, Adam is finished up mowing the yard and Jackson is swinging watching Daddy. Hopefully, I'll get some pics of Jack in the studio tonight--I've been meaning to do it, just no time! Uhhh...never enough hours in the day (or night for that matter!)

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