Sunday, August 05, 2007

Car Wash

This weekend I was a Bay Widow--Adam headed off to Galveston Bay for a shark tournament (they caught nothing) so Jackson and I had a few days alone to get caught up on some work and some play! On Friday, we spent some time with Grandma and Grandpa (and I got Nichole's pictures shot before her show) and then stayed at our own house (alone). On Saturday, we got up and headed back over the Grandma and Grandpa's to play in the pool and get some more work done. Jackson, Grandma and Aunt Tacey swam for a little bit while Mommy got 2 custom albums done for the Schrocks and the Bruners. Then, after dinner, Mommy really needed to get her car/van washed! It was quite a production! See Grandpa Scott is obsessed with his Solstice and there is an entire process to which to clean it. So, we applied the same method to Mommy's car (although mine was the quick and speedy version!) Jackson doned his bathing suit so that he could play in the bubbles and spray everyone with the hose! He even used the sponge on Mommy's car to help out a bit! Yay! Good job! We were pretty worn out by then and Jackson went to bed early while Mommy and Aunt Tacey and Grandma and Grandpa stayed up and ate junk food and watched Dane Cook! (Love him!)

When Daddy got home on Sunday, we played outside on the swingset for a little bit. During this time, Adam finally got Jackson to sign "swing", not knowing it would be the worst thing for him to learn! We came inside and Jackson grabbed our finger and pulled us both to the door and signed and said "ing?!" "ing?" with his hand/fingers just a waiving! It went on ALL FREAKING NIGHT! He'd walk to the back door and just say "" and then wave the sign at us with big sad eyes. It was just too buggy out though--the mosquitoes were horrendous. Maybe tomorrow....Daddy has jury duty, so we might be going to Galveston too to hit Palm Beach! We'll see!!

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