Monday, August 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Aunt Tacey!

So today, Stacey turned 24. I can't believe it--if she's getting old, then that means I'm getting old! I don't like it! But in honor of her birthday, Jackson and I got a BUNCH of stuff done around the house today (remember Danny Tanner? Well, I cleaned my vacuum cleaner and my washer and dryer--with bleach--and lots of scrubbing...I like things to continue looking new and you'd be surprised at how much fabric softner gets gunked up on the inside of the dispenser! You have to take it all apart to clean it, but it looks great when you're done--although no one else will ever see it....) and then we made her favorite--Carrot Cake! I made this one from scratch (it took me 15 minutes to shred all those carrots!) with homemade cream cheese icing. It was sugar free--I made everything with Splenda, so I'm not sure how yummy it ended up. I don't care, I don't eat carrot cake, so it's the thought that counts.

Grandma Netty picked us up and Jackson FINALLY got to wear his birthday outfit again--I wanted one more use out of it before it goes in the memory box. We stopped to pick up Aunt Tacey's b-day gift (she had been talking about that Magic Bullet Blender thing As Seen On TV for MONTHS! I finally got her one today!) and then met up with the fam at their house. We waited on Daddy, then off to Carrabba's for Italian!!

Our waiter was super nice and super cute (darn if he wasn't taken--he had a girlfriend so Stacey was out of luck) but Jackson got to eat Manicotti and Lasagna (he likes them both) and then walked around with Grandpa to keep him occupied while the rest of us finished dinner. And the, the bad part--they brought Stacey a DELICIOUS brownie thing that we all split--oh my gosh, to die for!

I think she had a great birthday! Happy Birthday Aunt Tacey! We love you!

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Sheri said...

WOW! Stacey is a beautiful 24 year old! Did you make it to Vegas this year?