Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fall Cleaning...

I have actually had a little bit of time off from my hectic schedule (although I have one more book to complete and some orders to ship) I haven't felt so overwhelmed. So, today, Jackson and I spent the morning deep cleaning around the house. We got to the hall closet a few days ago, and today, the CARPETS! I borrowed GG Jane's Bissell ProHeat 2X carpet cleaner and thoroughly cleaned the carpets in Jackson's room and our room (the only two places I have carpet) and the rug in my living room and the rug in my kitchen. When you have kids, you never know what ends up in your carpets--between changing diapers (when he was little, we ONLY changed him in his room on the changing table, but now that he's mobile, where ever we can wrangle him to the ground is where that diaper gets taken off. And then we pray he doesn't try to run off with poop on his butt still! And on occasion, he has sprung a leak and aimed for the carpet--yup, I'm sure there was poop and pee on my floor somewhere!) And being a clean freak makes it hard to even walk in my house when I know what's on the floors. In addition, Jackson is on sippy cups now, and let me tell you, "spill proof" is a crock of shit. It is few and far between to find one that truly DOES NOT LEAK! I have found that NUBY's are good, and some PLAYTEX, but that's it. AVENT sucks, GERBER sucks...and I know this because milk has dripped on my carpets throughout the house. I can't imaging the germs that were in those fibers from spoiled milk. So, not only did we scrub the carpets, we hit the furniture too. This Bissell is a steamer too, so I know we killed tons of germs on those surfaces. My goal: to deep clean that stuff again every 3 months. Before, I just didn't have the time or energy to tackle that kind of cleaning, but now that Jack Jack follows me around and gets to watch and learn and help, we'll be doing it more often!

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