Sunday, August 27, 2006

Lazy Morning

Jackson, Adam, and I had a great morning! We just vegged out in bed til about 10:00--just talking and cooing and making funny faces--it was the best time! I absolutely cherish those moments--just the three of us. And it doesn't matter that we are in our jammy jams and we haven't brushed our teeth....we're just a normal family of three. I really hope we can continue to have lazy Sunday mornings together for years to come! The best part of the morning, though--Jackson rolled over again! This time, no limbs got stuck! And, Daddy got to witness it as well, so I think he was really happy. After he got all the way over, we cheered and clapped and smiled--and Jackson just grinned from ear to ear! Such a proud moment! Now, on to watch the Astros! Jackson will be dressed from head to toe in his baseball gear--the first time all season!

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