Thursday, August 10, 2006

Fitness Baby

This morning, I woke up to a very happy, cooing baby! It was a nice change, as he is normally sad in the morning and very hungry--but not today! It was all smiles! After he ate, I put him on his play mat, and, since he was in such a good mood and entertaining himself, I decided to try and get my workout in while he was awake. As I was FIRMing, Jackson kept staring at the TV and swinging his arms--his arms are always in motion--as if he were doing the workout with me! I just had to stop in the middle and get some pics!

This is his second day of fitness--Adam and I went on a walk last night with Jackson in his stroller. He LOVED being outdoors, but obviously the walking was exhausting, because he fell asleep about 10 minutes into it!

The smiles continued this afternoon after we picked Grandma Jane up from the airport. Once we got back to the house, all he could do was smile at her and coo--they played peek-a-boo and he loved it! My mom has this thing were she slowly inches toward his check saying "kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss" and then give him a big smacker on the cheek--and he will just open his mouth and coo--all gums of course! He knows it's coming, that's what's funny, because sometimes he'll move his head to the side and giggle, as if to say "Ha! You missed me that time!"

He is just getting so alert and really showing his emotions. I am trying to capture his "pouty" face. Sometimes he just gets sad and will stick that bottom lip out and kinda half cry--it is so cute, yet so sad at the same time!

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Great-Grandma Jane said...

I can't believe how you've grown in the week I was gone. You are so adorable and getting to be so much fun. Come play with me again soon.