Thursday, August 24, 2006

Favorite Things

At 2 months old, Jackson has some favorite things that we could not live without in our household! Suprisingly, he's pretty demanding about them too!

Adam's Aunt Peggy bought this for Jackson last Christmas--he will lay in his crib staring at it! He loves the bright colors! It helps him wake up happier!

Jackson does not take a binky on a regular basis, but some nights it helps him to fall asleep. We can tell when he has conked out because the pacifier will just fall out of his mouth. And sometimes we give them to him to delay him from eating--it usually gains us about 10 minutes before he realizes no milk is coming out of it and literally throws it out of his mouth! He gets his little hand up under it and chucks it--then screams!

Adam's friend Wendy bought this super soft blanket for Jackson and he LOVES it! Daddy gives Jackson his baths at night, then puts his diaper on and wraps him like a burrito in this blanky. It puts him in a little trance! He looks so calm and comfy in it!

Jackson feeds so much better when Mommy uses the boppy!

Jackson loves this crazy frog! Whenever he is in the car, this frog HAS to be hanging down where he can see it, otherwise it makes for a long, loud ride! Seriously, if Mommy forgets to slide him over, he will cry until he can see it--and we have to say "Where's that crazy frog?" Then he sees him, and just smiles!

Now that Jackson can grip stuff anf kinda grab for things, this soccer rattle is something that he plays with everyday! He really likes it when Mommy taps it on his nose! And Daddy loves that it is a soccer ball...future MVP maybe?

This ball hangs down from his play gym and now he can reach up and hit it! Every time he gets it, his eyes get huge and he starts moving his arms and legs in shock! The best part--he hits it about every 3 minutes and has the same shocked look everytime! It's hillarious! Hopefully his short term memory will get stronger as he gets a little lil genious!

Adam's Aunt Cathy sent this to us, and at first I thought it was a bath toy--it's a security blanky! It is so soft and for some reason, Jackson loves it near his head when he falls asleep. He also travels with it--it's so cute to see him grasp on to it for dear life!

Jackson is a little vain--he loves mirrors! Although at this age, he can't associate that it's his own reflection, but he loves to stare at that baby in the mirror! "Look! He's just as cute as I am! And we're wearing the same thing!"

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