Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Busy Busy Busy

Jackson and I have been SOOOO busy the past week, that we have not gotten a chance for pictures or postings! Amazing, I know...but here's a quick run down of our crazy schedule.

It started when our friends Shawn and Abby gave birth to Mindy Joy on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Jackson and I spent the day running errands and buying gifts for people, so we were completely worn out from spending money all day and had no time for pictures!

On Thursday, Mommy had a consult with a bride, so Jackson rode along while we scoped out some funky places in Kemah to shoot--he was such a good boy!

Then on Friday, our good friends, Dave and Bonnye Barron (the couple who shot Jackson's birth story) went into labor that evening, so Jackson and I hurried as fast as we could to get up to the hospital to return the favor and shoot their birth story. Unfortunately, Jackson spit up all over Mommy on our way out the door, so we were a little late, and they had just taken Bonnye back to the C-section room, so we missed the good part! But we were there to see and shoot Benjamin Riley Barron as he came out of the delivery room! He is gorgeous with a full head of dark hair! We are so happy for their family!

Saturday morning, Jackson and I got up early and headed to Miss Mindy's baby shower--you should have seen Jackson flirting with all the ladies! He especially liked mommy's friend Ms. Malee--he stayed on her shoulder almost the entire time! He just really loves pretty blonde women--but who doesn't!? That afternoon, we packed the car and Adam, Jackson, and I headed to El Campo to see Gamma and Gampa, but mostly because Mommy had an engagement session to shoot. We had a great time and Jackson was all smiles for the grandparents. He also got to meet his Uncle Elliott for the first time! Elliott and Kayla got him the CUTEST Gund Lion! He just stared at it, although I think the head scared him a little...but it looks so cute in his crib!

Sunday morning, we were on the road again, this time back to League City where Mommy had another bridal consult and then dinner with Aunt Stacey for her birthday! We got Shakes for dessert--Jackson loves that place (okay, really, Mommy loves that place, but we just say Jackson likes it so we get to go there more often!)

Monday, it was back to work for Mommy, working on orders and engagement pictures--Jackson was such a good boy all day! Although, we had an incident in the evening after Jackson's bath that Daddy has sworn me to secrecy--sooner than later, we'll let the cat out of the bag, but let's just say, we had to keep apologizing to Jack--we are VERY sorry sweetheart!

Then finally, today was just as eventful--although I did not get a BIT of sleep and an physically exhausted right now. I was up at 5:00 to feed Jackson, and then could not go back to sleep due to a clogged duct on my left side. So I massaged, pumped, took a long hot shower, and then was wide awake with pain, so went to work on the computer at 5:30am. We left the house with Grandma and headed to the mall for some shopping, then off to Uncle Russ' for birthday cake and ice cream--did I just mention ice cream again? Maybe this is why Mommy can't seem to lose that lat 20 pounds--ya think!?

So all in all, we have been SUPER BUSY! But tomorrow, we are getting back in the studio and getting some shots done! Jackson will be 8 weeks tomorrow! Amazing how time flies--time for 2 month pics already! Seems like we just did his one month pics....he's getting so big and really changing in looks. I think he's starting to take on more of Adam's features now, and not all of mine. He's still cute as a button though!

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