Monday, August 07, 2006


Today, we had high hopes of accomplishing alot--I was going to workout, get the laundry done, Jackson and I were going to go on a walk in his stroller....none of that happened. Jackson woke up at 7:30am. After feeding him, he fell asleep on my chest while we were sitting on the couch. Cuddling with him made me a little sleepy, so I laid down with him, and about 2.5 hours later, at 10:30, we woke up! I had so much planned, and I slept through it all! The day had already gotten away from us! After getting a much needed bath, my little sleeper conked out, literally, for the rest of the day! He only woke long enough to eat, burp, poop, and go back to sleep! Let's just pray that he'll still be tired tonight, or else mommy is in trouble and we're in for another "sleepy" day on my part tomorrow!

PS: Hi Grandma Jane! Hope you are having fun in Wichita with Uncle Bob and Aunt Michelle! Only 2 more days til I can see you again and we can laugh and play! I have gotten so big since you have been gone, so I hope you recognize me! I miss you!


tAsH said...

Dearest Ramie,
I am enjoying reading your blogs about you precious baby boy. I will be in Houston this coming weekend. If you and Jackson will be around Saturday afternoon, I would love to see you and get a chance to meet the little guy! Love ya!!! tAsH

Ramie Babcock said...

Tasha! We would LOVE to see you this weekend--we have no plans for Saturday, so give us a call when you get into town! Miss you tons!

tAsH said...

WONDERFUL!!! OK, I will call you. Is your cell still the same number from college? Just double checking :) I miss you so much!!!