Friday, December 05, 2008

Our Attempt at Family Christmas Pictures


This year has been THE hardest to date on getting a family picture of the 3 of us. When Jackson was an infant, I was the one who wouldn't cooperate (I did NOT want my picture taken)..but now that we are 2, the terriblness started in. Thursday, when we attempted to do these, was NOT a good day. I had to wake Jackson up to get him to Little Gym (at 10:00am!), so that pissed him off. Then, I gave him a breakfast bar that was apparently an organic children's energy bar. My bad! He was a freaking energizer bunny running all over the place and NOT STOPPING for a second! Holy cow! Then, shopping was a nightmare with him...he had to pee, he had to get out of the stroller, he had to WHINE! Lunch, oh my good God, get wrote on the table, he threw nearly everything the floor, he refused to eat, he had to pee, again....and he insisted on being as loud as possible. My nerves were shot...but I thought I was having a good hair day, so let's try family pictures (seeing them now, I should have tried again with the hair...oh well!)

So Memaw came over and I set up the camera and tripod and lights, and we tried to get Jackson to sit and smile and say cheese--nope. He sat on the bottom step, in time-out, for about 15 minutes of our 30 minutes of shooting. I finally gave up, thanked my mom for coming over on Grey's Anatomy night, and wanted to call it a day. Then, I got a brilliant idea. I have a remote trigger, why not try it with that--just the three of us! And Jackson can even push the button a few times--BINGO!! YATZEE!!

So, we got a few keepers. Of 288 images shot, we have 33 to pick from! Geez! And I'm a professional....oh well! My mom got a bunch, and then ours later just added to it. Thank God! I can finally finish my Christmas card and be done with the holidays--enjoy them even!

Notice how I'm out of focus...good try Adam!

I LOVE THIS SHOT!! HA! LOL!! His face is priceless!

I love how Jackson is looking at me like "Mom, I'm taking a picture here, can you stop?!"
"Just let me do my job and get a good picture of Daddy and I...geez!"

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