Thursday, December 11, 2008

Let it Snow, Frosty! A Must Read!

Last night was cold. I mean really cold. We had had a busy day of running around, then dinner with Memaw, GG and Aunt Tacey...and Jackson was in bed by 8:00pm. On the dot. So I went in to work on finishing up my wedding albums (only 2 to go!) and I was working on Valorie and Jordan's book, when my sister called. "Did you know it's snowing outside?" NO! I had had heard all the neighbor kids playing outside, but I didn't think anything of it until I saw what time it was--9:00pm! On a school night, no less! So I opened the front door to see, and yes, it was REALLY snowing! And sticking! And ALL of my neighbors were out having snowball fights and making snowmen! About 20 of them! Holy Cow! Oh well...Jackson was asleep and I was not about to wake him up. So I shut the front door, told Stacey goodnight, and went to make some hot tea...when Jackson started fussing! Apparently, he heard the front door shut and woke up. So I went up to see if he was really awake, or still asleep sitting up in him bed (which happens often).

He was awake, and not wanting to be consoled--until I said "Jackson, do you want to put your snow boots on?" His eyes got big, he stopped crying instantly, and said "My boots?" So we went in to get all bundled up--coat, hat, gloves, boots, heavy sweatshirt--and he had NO clue what was going on. I threw on my shoes and coat and we ran down the stairs and opened the door. Jackson yelled " 'now, momma! It 'nowing!" "I see! Isn't it exciting!" "Wook at your car momma! It's white!" "Yes, I see that! Do you want to make a snowman?!" "OKAY!!"

At this point, I'm home by myself b/c Adam was working. I grabbed the phone and told him to take off work early, b/c the snow would not be here tomorrow, or again ever for that matter, so he needed to get home to play! Then, I called MeMaw and Aunt Tacey and told them to bundle up and get their asses over to my house to play b/c Jackson is only this age once and they didn't need to miss all the fun--and I literally hung up without an argument that it was 9:30 and what mother in her right mind drags their 2 year old out of bed in the FREEZING F*CKING COLD to make a damn snowman!?

So they showed up. Without argument, but a little bitching about the cold, with GG Jane too! by the time they got over here, I had already made a base for the snowman, with Jackson helping and saying "keep going! keep going! Good job, Momma! I yike da 'now! We making a 'towman?!"

Since we are not prepared for snowmen season, we had to scramble to find stuff for him. I had a scarf, and the corn cob pipe from a Christmas decoration on my front porch. We used red potatos for the's all I had that was round and small! HA! I had an extra hard hat--our Post IKE Frosty! HA!! I broke off leafy limbs for the was a great attempt! Jackson loved his "towman!"

We finished our snowman and Memaw got a bunch of pictures of us--Thank you Memaw for taking all the pictures!--and the rest of the neighbors continued with their snowball fights and pictures and video. It hasn't snowed in Houston since 2004, and even then, it didn't stick! And, we lived in New Mexico at the time, so this is the 1st time I've ever seen snow in Texas! In Kansas, we made snowmen throughout the winter. We had snow days. We had to go out to our cars EARLY to DEFROST our cars before school. We had tire chains. We had snow blowers. All things most people in Texas have never experienced! HA! This was a treat, to say the least! I am so happy that we lived in the moment and ENJOYED it! These are the memories that I hope Jackson possibly remembers and passes on to his kiddos someday!

Mommy rolling up the midsection for Frosty!

GG Jane and Jackers making the head for the snowman!

Apparently 30* weather makes your nose red and runny! Who knew?!

When we were all done, we caught some snowflakes on our tongues. Jackson thought this was pretty fun! Then, everyone was super cold, so they went home to get warm and go to bed. Any other good Mommy would have done the same, but Jackson was having fun--and no kid has ever gotten that sick from one night out in the cold. Candlestick nose and all, we played for about 3o more minutes! At this point, it's nearly 11:00pm.

MeMaw: fashionista in her VS jammy jams and her '80s snowboots!

We went in, kicking and screaming, waking up any neighbors who had chosen to sleep through the snowfall. My lens had fogged up when we got inside, but I took this shot of him still crying on the bathroom floor. The really funny part? I set him down so that I could get the little heater and the warm bath going and he kept slipping and falling b/c he had snow on the bottom of his shoes! He kept yelling, " I can't walk in dis 'now!" "Then sit down, silly! DUH!" I yelled this about 3 times before he caught on! HA!! Again, good Mommy's would have taken the shoes off--don't judge. And no, I didn't drink before the snow fell, I swear.

We took a bath--both of us--with LOTS of bubbles and not a lot of hot water. Just enough to take the chill off and get the dirty snow off of us! Jackson said "Dese bubbles wook yike 'now!" We made Santa beards for about 20 minutes--and they never got old! Each beard and mustace was as funny as the first!

Then, we got out and and Jackson got all bundled up in a warm blanky and we went to get hot chocolate and go to bed, but we stopped for a snack. Doesn't every one eat a cold chicken leg at midnight after building snowmen? NO?! They should! It was GOOOOOOD!

Before we went to bed, we got Aquafor on our lips and noses, a shot of Tylenol Cold, and Vicks on the bottom on our feet. Just in case....and to keep from waking up with chapped everything! See, I'm a good Mom!

It was a great of the best for me. Jackson is at such a great age. I love it. I want to bottle him up and keep him this way forever. FOREVER. The 2s are the best. I'll NEVER forget this night! I just wish he will remember, too. We'll see.....


Sheri said...

WOW!!! Jackson, you snowman was really good! You must have used all of the snow that was in your yard! I hope you gave your grandma, GG and A. Stacey an extra hug and kiss for coming over!

delee said...

I think you are a super good mom for grabbing the moment! Making it fun for Jackson made it super fun for you too - and because you are such a super photogmom, he'll definitely always have the memories! Merry Christmas!