Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Decorations!

On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, we decorated the house. During the day, we pulled everything out of the attic--all my fabulously labeled Rubbermaids! Indoor in blue, outdoor in red and green...all with labels with the label maker my grandma got me last year! It made decorating this year a BREEZE b/c I knew where everything was and where it all went! I highly recommend taking the time to do this in January!

That night, we turned on Jim Brickman's The Gift Christmas CD (fabulous--I highly recommend getting the album or buying it on iTunes!! He totally makes me want to take piano lessons's totally soothing! I've been listening to it in the car non-stop! Ahhh....) drank hot chocolate with marshmallows, and trimmed the tree, in our Santa hats (that's the best part! An excuse to wear a Santa hat!!). I got a few pictures, then something bad happened--Daddy broke the tree. Yup. The tree that I've had for years, handed down to me from my parents on our first Christmas in our new house (it's a little tree, but I love it and it means something to me), was tipping to the left, so Daddy pulled on it, and, SNAP! He cracked the base. So here was his first solution--I think this is a man thing...I just don't get it...yeah, honey, I went there...

Then he compromised and listened to reason and we went out and bought a new base. It's a woman thing--if it's broke, fix it, don't rig it! I shall continue:

When we were nearly finished, I snagged a few pictures of Jackson in his "Tanta hat--I yike it! It's wed!" I just love this little guy! Such a good sport!

My little ELF!!

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