Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Day with Jamie

Jackson has a friend at the Little Gym named Jamie. We've actually done alot of fun activities with them (Jump-in place/Halloween in the Park/Lunch at Lenny's). Unfortunately, they are moving next week to Tennesee...we are very sad about this. But, when Daddy's get transfered, it's probably for the better, so they are heading to the hills! Jamie's mom is a vet, and they live on 28 acres with lots of animals. So, on Monday, I took Jackson out to their house for one last play date before the big move. They have a ton of dogs (cute ones, too!) and 3 donkeys and 1 horse still at their home.

The boys got to ride the tractor, and make the loader go up and down (Jackson flipped out about that! He was in heaven!) Then, we got to ride the golf cart to see the donkeys! And, we even got to feed them! Jackson really liked their horse, and was allowed to feed her a candy cane! He was a little shy, but he warmed up to that huge animal pretty quickly!

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