Sunday, December 28, 2008

McGraw Christmas 2008--Dallas

We drove to Dallas on Monday morning for Christmas with the McGraws. Jackson is a champ now with car rides (thank goodness!) 5 hours later, we arrived at Aunt Pam and Uncle Mike's new McMansion....we loved it! They truly have a gorgeous home. We had lunch and met up with the rest of the troops at Aunt Peggy and Uncle Buddy's that night for dinner and games and chit chat! By 11:00pm..we were exhausted!

Tuesday was a day filled with cooking/shopping/eating/Santa/eating/presents/lottery/TOYS! In that order! All the grandkids got together at Firewheel Mall for the annual Santa shot--Jackson and Camden told Santa OVER AND OVER what they wanted--Jackson: "I want mote-trol car and an easel and a BIG FIRETRUCK" (which was news to Mommy and Daddy...great) Camden: "I want a blue choo-choo. I want a blue choo-choo. I want a blue choo-choo!" We all met back at Uncle Mike's for Grandma Patty's Lottery--she started it a few years back. She brings a HUGE stack of lotto tickets and everyone gets 4-5 depending on the amount in the stack. This year, we got 4..and Adam and I didn't win a THING. HMMMMPH...but then, Grandma Peg did something spontaneous (with a few bouts of whining)--she did the 1st lotto a day early! The lotto is something she's been doing with the grandkids for years now. It's a random drawing--and some win, and some don't, it's the luck of the draw. The amounts very, but this year, she did something different. She played a trivia game, and when it was all over, everyone opened an evelope that said $50.00....then she said "Nope, you're all missing a zero! HA! Everyone get $500.00!! YEAH!!" It was awesome! Adam was super excited!

We opened gifts from all the aunts/uncles/cousins...Jackson got a Lightning McQueen 3-wheeler from Aunt Cathy, great Thomas stuff from Aunt Peggy, money from Aunt Marie, and a puzzle from Aunt Pam. The 3 wheelers were a big hit! Adam got money from most everyone and Dewalt battery from Aunt Cathy. I got 2 great cookbooks, a snowman decor, and a great Coach wallet from Aunt this point, we didn't have enough room in the car, and we still had not done Christmas with the Babcock's! YIKES!

Wednesday morning, we got up early and did Christmas with the grandparents--and again, Jackson got a boat load of stuff! A cool CAT tractor set from Kayla and Elliott, Hulk hands from Clint and Rickie, an AWESOME Leapster 2 from Grandma and Grandpa, some more puzzles and clothes...Adam got a case for his new rifle and a griddle (the last thing from our wedding registry! HA!) and some great movies from his brothers. I got a new clock, a bracelet, and a cool game called Fact or Crap! I think that's all...holy cow!

We headed out around 2:30 to get back to Houston in time for Christmas Eve with the Schroer's and then to bed before Santa...

Here is a QUICK slideshow of all 128 images that I shot of the McGraw gang...too many to post separate! I bought a new program to showcase weddings, and this is my first attempt at a super basic slideshow...enjoy!

*Note: turn off Jackson's iPod before hitting play on the slideshow!**


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