Saturday, December 13, 2008

Breakfast with Santa--NASA

This morning, we got up EARLY and got out the door at 8:30 to go see Santa! Boeing sent out a signup and my Dad signed us all up to go have Breakfast with Santa! Alot of Jackson's blogstalkers that my Dad works with were there too, with their cutie-pies! Hi ladies!! ...and our new friends Wade and Brayden!

We got there before Santa arrived and ate doughnut holes and juice....and colored. Jackson loved the coloring! Go figure!

Jackson's new friend Wade

Then, they announced that Santa was on his way! Everyone went out side to watched with anticipation! He arrived in a FIRETRUCK! HOLY COW! We think Jackson was more excited about the "woo-woo" than Santa...oh well!

Santa waved and waved and waved...then they lowered him down and Jackson went up and shook his hand and said hello...

We went back inside and waited for Santa to take his seat. In the mean time, we chatted with Mrs. Claus...

Wade with Santa for the 1st time ever!

Jackson getting ready to meet Santa and tell him what he wants! He was practicing!

Jackson with Santa "I want a moat-trol car and art easle!"

They had games for the kids and prizes, along with face painting. Jackson sat down and picked out a Christmas tree--I thought the snowman was cuter, but who am I to choose!

Brayden waiting to see Santa for the 1st time ever!

A few pictures of the entire crew of kids that Papa works with...

Gus, the picture guy for Boeing who takes all the shots...we felt he needed to be on the other side of the camera for once! HA!

Mrs. Claus read stories...

They had a craft room for the kids, too, where they could decorate a Santa hat or a stocking...we have Santa hats...I chose the stocking...and then I helped with the decorating a little...b/c glue on a new red shirt is a HUGE pet peeve of mine!

All the kiddos, again, with Santa!

The fireman let the kids go out and play on the firetruck! Jackson thought he was big stuff!

Wade checking out his reflection! CUTE!


Wade said...

What awesome pictures. You sure are talented. We had lots of fun this morning!!

Sheri said...

What a lot of fun for the family. GREAT pictures. Love the ones of Jackson & Grandpa! Jackson looked like he had a fantastic time! Santa better not disappoint this little guy :)

Brayden said...

It was so nice to finally meet you guys. The pictures are great. Thank you very much. Jackson is adorable.