Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Jackson is really into books right now--and not just eating them! I posted earlier about the musical book that I bought at Target. Jack really likes to turn the page of that book because each time you turn the page, a different song plays. I think that book was a great tool, because now he turns the pages of ALL of his books! He used to just put them in his mouth and chew on them (along with ALL of my magazines...), but now, he turns the pages and looks at the colors and pictures, and can sit for about 15 minutes just playing quietly with a book. I'm amazed! Let's hope he gets his Mommy's love for reading--anyone remember the baby shower video and the image of me sitting in the closet at age 2 reading a book??!! Ahh, that would be fantastic!!

Last night, Daddy caught Jack and I reading (I thought they were decent images, considering he didn't have a flash and was clueless to what the settings were!!)

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Sheri said...

I also highly recommend the book from Target!! I am so glad to have read about it in Jack's Blog - Cooper enjoys it too!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pictures that daddy took. Really like picture 2 and 4. Adam did a great job!