Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bay House, MOPS, and Overnights

This weekend was amazing! Jackson had many firsts over the past few days. On Friday, I joined a group called M.O.P.S. (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers). It's an international organization and fortunately we have a chapter here in League City! There are about 40 mommies in the group, and we get together every other Friday from 9:30-11:30am for meetings (there is a book club discussion, breakfast, a speaker, and a craft project each time!) and then there are moms-night-outs, play-dates, and philanthropy activities throughout the month! I am so excited to be part of a group with other woman with little ones! One, it's great networking, and two, it's a great outlet for me. They offer daycare for the two hours you are there, too! So, at first, Jackson sat on my lap (which they recommended, til we got used to the group) then, when he started getting antsy, we headed to the nursery! There, I met 2 little old white-haired grandmothers and 3 other babies. Jackson just stared at the women, and then started flirting, so I knew he would be fine! I put him in an exersaucer and headed back to the meeting for the last hour and a half. I wasn't too nervous, but I did start crying on the way down the hall--it was kinda sad leaving him with strangers, but he did GREAT! They said he stayed sitting, ate some Cheerios, and giggled and entertained!

Then on Saturday, Mommy and Daddy headed to the bay for a little get-away with some friends, and Jackson got to stay the night with Grandma Netty! Grandpa Scott was out of town on business, so it was just the two of them (and GG Jane, and Aunt Tacey) but they had a good time--although Grandma Netty was a little tired the next day! Jackson is a noisy sleeper, and anytime he would move in his pack n play, she would wake up! But Mommy and Daddy got to hang out together, relax, and party like we were in college again! Thanks Grandma Netty!

Jackson also got his 4th tooth! Finally! That little sucker has been a pain in the butt for about a week, but it popped through yesterday!

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