Saturday, March 10, 2007

Tooth #5

The day after Jack Jack got his 4th tooth, that 5th tooth snuck in too! This one made it through on the top, so now we have 3 teeth up above. And, we are sooo excited to announce that Jackson is standing on his own! Yeah! He'll be holding on the edge of the pack 'n play or the couch or Daddy's leg, and just let go and put his hands up near his ears...he only lasts about 10 seconds, but it's a start! Afterwards, he just giggles and laughs like he is so proud of himself! I have yet to get it with my camera, but trust me, I'll be trying hard this week!

Last night, Jackson and Daddy spent the whole evening together while Mommy and Aunt Tacey had a last-minute girls night, and headed to see Pat Green at Rodeo Houston. We took some pics with Stacey's camera, so as soon as I can get those images, I'll post 'em. We got some great shots of Pat Green--we had amazing seats on the floor, 6 rows up from the dirt! So much fun!

I got some shots of Jack just before I left for an e-session downtown (I'll post those pics tomorrow!)--it's going to be a crazy busy weekend! As I headed out the door, Jack and Daddy were loading up to go see some friends in Deer Park--boys night! Yikes!

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