Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas Baking

After our crazy holiday season with the business, Mommy was actually able to FINALLY get all her Christmas shopping done (yes, I am done! Did it all in one day!) and get into the kitchen with Grandma Netty for our annual goodie baking. This year, Jackson got to join us, and I hope that it's something he looks forward to in years to come! We hit the grocery store in the afternoon to gather our supplies, then it was nap time for Jackson while Mommy and Grandma got things together in the kitchen. We baked and mixed and made a mess, all while listening to a Jim Brickman holiday CD (my new obsession! I love Jim Brickman--I suggest everyone buy his new CD!) We were on a roll when Aunt Tacey got home...Jackson and her have been spending a lot of time together and are very close (although Jackson ALWAYS spits up on her--even when he hasn't spit up in a few days, if Aunt Tacey holds him, he spits!) We had a smorgasbord of treats: Chex Mix, No-Bake Cookies, Colassal Cookies (GG Dutch's recipe) Hershey Drop cookies (Jackson enjoyed the bag with that one!) All afternoon he was in the kitchen with us in his exersauser, just happy to be a part of it all...he really enjoyed the measuring cups and spoons the most! Daddy had to go to Conroe for business last night (he and his assistant manager were repo men--on a mission to retrieve a car that someone stole from them!) so we put on our jammies and hung out with Grandma Netty all night (Grandpa Scott was out of town--we were work widows!!)
I am so ready for Christmas now!!

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