Thursday, December 07, 2006


This morning was a Mommy and Jackson morning. We got up, we cuddled, we played in our jumperoo...then we peed and peed and peed and had a super full diaper! (Okay, Jackson peed. Mommy was oblivious to any urination going on until she picked him up and felt the wetness all over his PJs!) So I took him in to his changing table and took the super soaker diaper off, only to see that he was wrinkly all over from the wetness. So I layed him on a blanket on the floor in his room, wrapped up in a cloth diaper, while I went in a made my bed. When I came back, he had ripped off that diaper and literally was swinging it above his head like a stripper, just giggling and rolling around! He LOVES to be naked! Like mother like son--my mother, grandmother, and sorority sisters who have lived with me at the ADPi house will attest to the fact that I would rather walk around naked than put on a robe too (but that was with my pre-preggers figure!) Then, when I went to put his clothes on him for the day, he cried and whined as I put a fresh diaper on him, then had to coax him into putting his arms in his shirt--goodness! He can be so stubborn sometimes! Luckily, I got the entire thing on video and also got a few shots with my camera before he got too cold. Here are the appropriate ones, although I do have some with him spread eagle, and Daddy said "no way are those going on the blog!"

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Sheri said...

I can't get enough of him - WOW even without clothes he is so adorable :)