Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sweet Potatos

About a week ago, Adam and I decided that Jackson was probably ready for his first veggie. So as I mentioned before, we are following the book, Super Baby Food (it's a book by Ruth Yaron that lays out step-by-step how to prepare your own baby food and what are the best "super" foods for your baby). I ordered the Food Cube Trays from One Step Ahead ( I love that website!) Preparing a months worth of sweet potatos was so easy--microwaved em for 8 minutes, scooped out of the skins and into my CuisineArt, added LOTS of water (amazing how much water really is in baby food--makes you wonder what you actually pay for with the jarred stuff) and then scooped it all in my cubes and into the freezer. Total time: 20 minutes. Total cost: $.79 for 20 servings. Total savings: (Organic Jar: $.35ea x 20= $7.00) $6.21!! (Did I mention it was easy!)

So then came the big part: Jackson actually eating the food I prepared. We put on a bib, got out the spoon, and he was ready to go! Jackson watched me the whole time I was getting everything out, as if he knew something was up!

Adam did the honors, while I manned the camera (of course). His first bite, he was a little confused....

Then he realized they were pretty good and kept trying to grab the spoon! Once he realized he liked them, he opened his mouth, ready for more before even finishing his first bite!

But I'm not ready to give up breastfeeding...I had said I would go six months, but he's such a good nurser, that I think we are going to try and go as long as he can...not too long, though!! We'll see!

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tAsH said...

He is the cutiest baby! He is growing so fast....just too cute Ramie!