Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dr. Seuss Week!!

This week is Dr. Seuss week at Happy Harbour! They sent a note home that this week on Thursday, they would need to wear silly socks to school. Over the weekend, while at my favorite store, I found Dr. Seuss t-shirts! What are the odds that it would be Dr. Seuss week and I'd find shirts for him to wear?! So I bought one for each day! AND, on top of that, Memaw and Papaw went on a car rally trip this past weekend, and while shopping at a cutesy little shop, Memaw found a Dr. Seuss bag and pocket book! Needless to say, he's been pretty excited and could not wait for school this morning!

I picked him up today, and asked him what I always do, "Did you have fun today?" "Yeah." "Did you play with anyone new today?" "No, just the Ryans and Piper." "Did you do anything new today?" "Yeah, we ate green eggs and ham. And guess what? I like them. Yup yup I do!" After reading the preview week calendar, I saw that green eggs and ham was their snack today.

Another funny story. Jackson has a pair of shoes that he wears with no socks. And they make his feet smell terrible. But, he still wears them with no socks. I put baby powder in them every time, and it doesn't help! Just ask Brian Lewis (long story). So Jackson wore those shoes yesterday. And then refused to take a bath last night. He told me "I'm not hopping in the bath tub, and I'm not hopping in the shower." Not snotty, just matter of fact. Fine. "Then the kids at school will call you the sticky feet kid." "Momma, I put just my feet in the tub and wash them that way." You are correct. But did we remember to do that last night? No. This morning? No. Oh well, it's not like they are going to be taking their shoes off at school, right? WRONG! It's was The Foot Book day and they did an art project where the teacher took their shoe and sock off of one foot, painted it, had them step on something, and put their shoe back on. uhhhg. Seriously?! The one time I let my kid go without a bath, WITH stinky feet, is the one day I get caught. Damn it! I'll be sending an apology note, along with some air freshener to school on Thursday!

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MeMaw said...

I warned him yesterday after he made me smell those nasty dogs! Oh well, at least Ryan's were stinky too:)