Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Memaw stopped by the other day on her way home from...somewhere. I don't remember now. We had spiked Jackson's hair for Super Bowl Sunday (it was too cute! He NEVER wants it spiked, so it was a treat!) and he must have liked it because he wanted it spiked again the next day. Mommy apparently didn't do it as well as Daddy-O did, but Mommy only has about 5 minutes in the morning to get Jackson's teeth brushed and his hair done, while Daddy-O on the other hand, takes 20 minutes of precious time to spike his hair "just right!" That's the difference between Mommy's and Daddy's. Mommy's understand that there are only so many minutes in the day, and every one counts for SOMETHING (laundry, vacuuming, cooking, changing diapers, putting on mascara, picking up underwear, flushing toilets that someone forgot to flush, unloading dishwashers...you get the point!) Memaw mentioned that she needed a new picture of Jack Jack for her frame in her kitchen; back when Jackson was just a wee-one, we changed out her frame every month. We have all the images labeled with what month he was....but that ended when he realized that he didn't like the camera any more! So these were some quick shots we got before he decided he STILL hated the camera....until the other day (see post below!)

Everson watching and learning....well, kinda!

I told you they were quick....he doesn't cooperate well with the camera these days...hence no Christmas card this year!

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