Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Little Super Model

I couple of weekends ago, I did a photo shoot at the house with a little boy names Colton. During the shoot, Jackson and Everson stayed upstairs with Aunt Tacey. When we were all done, and I was home again, Jackson came down and asked me "Momma, why you go out and take pictures of THOSE little boys, and don't take any pictures of me?" Well!!! I was THRILLED! Because, you see, little man, the reason I have not taken pictures of you is because 1) You look down or away from my camera and 2)You make the dumbest faces on purpose and it FRUSTRATES me to no end! So when little man said he wanted to go on a real photoshoot, I jumped at the chance! We went upstairs and threw on some clothes, and took off! We went to some grassy bushes that I had seen and wanted to go to for a while now (and I knew his clothes would work great against that backdrop) and to the old barn. He STILL wants to go to the railroad tracks, but the weather has been so bad...

During our little excursion, he told me "I'm really good at this, so you should bring me every time. Okay? Okay Mom? That's be a good idea, huh?!" I love this kid!!

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MeMaw said...

Oh how these made me smile!! Still saw a couple "cheese" pics, but wow, what a great shoot:) yep, gonna get a new pic for my kitchen.