Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just the Two of Us and Valentine's Cake

Jackson and I took a trip to Target the other day, sans Everson. Actually, we had a "just mommy and me" day. Jackson's school offered a play day the Friday before Valentine's day. They had jumping things and snacks and chapel and songs and games...it was going to FUN!! I asked Jackson if he wanted to go, and he said, "yeah, I want to, but do we have to take Ev?" That came out of left field! He's never wanted to leave Everson--ever! But, apparently, he just wanted some Mommy time, and I can't blame him--I was wanting some Jack Jack time too. I sometimes miss our fun adventures, just the two of us! So I called Mom and asked if she would watch Everson--which of course she jumped at! It is only the 2nd time I've left him with her. Once with Daddy all day when I was shooting a wedding, and once with Mom when Adam's dad was in the hospital (I was not about to take a baby to MHH!). Any other time, he's stuck with me and the boob!

I fed Ev just before we left, dropped him off, and Jackson and I were out for the day! We met up with some friends at the playday (Jackson's lil girlfriend Piper and her momma were there!). As we were leaving, we got a call from Memaw that Everson was refusing a bottle. Refusing, as in, you won't get that nipple near me! NO YOU WON'T! She tried every kind of bottle we have: Dr. Brown's, Avent, Medela....he wasn't having it. So I told Jackson we had to go and quickly feed Everson, and then we'd continue with our day.

After our little pit stop, we headed over to Chick-fil-A to meet up with Piper and Kathy again. The kids ate all their lunch and then played for about 30 minutes. After a quick phone check in to Memaw again, Jackson and I went to the one place that will always be home for us: TARGET!! We spent FOREVER wandering the aisles like we used to! We spent about 20 minutes just in the dollar junk. This is where we found a great Heart-shaped cake pan and sprinkles! YAY! From there, we went down EVERY aisle in the toy department and said "OOHHH! I want that! Will you buy me this?!" to just about everything we played with. In the car on the way home, he told me he missed Ev. "But Momma, I like it when it's just me and you, and me and you. That okay?" "Jackson, anytime you want it to just be me and you, you let me know. You just have to tell me! I love spending days with just me and you like we used to!" "Me too...like we used to!"

So later in the week, we made a strawberry cake with white icing, and I let Jackson decorate it with sprinkles....and it turned out FABULOUS. That cake had more meaning than anyone will know....

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