Thursday, June 04, 2009

Random Wichita Pics

okay okay okay...I'm a little behind....kill me...I've been feeling like crap....tired all the time...I have a baby doing somersaults in my belly as I type this...I have a 2 year old who does not want to go to bed and it's nearly 11:00pm...but, I am FINALLY able to get some stuff posted that is PERSONAL! YAY! Seniors are done...weddings are done...prom is cards are finally empty! Holy cow!! I have one final wedding this weekend...and 2 books to finish up....and then, I'm officially done for the summer!

But back to the personal stuff! The end of April, we took that trip to Wichita to see friends and family...although I spent most of the time with family...we did make it a point to see Cooper and Miss Sheri and Miss Lea and Miss Cori and the NEW BABY GIRL Maylea (who was literally 10 days old!) Jackson and Cooper have the same big brother shirts from Carter's (although, now looking through all of my pictures of Jackson, I am sick to death of this freaking shirt! I think the only times I've taken pictures of him in the last 2 months is in this shirt....NO MORE!!)

Jackson was super excited to see Cooper's "baby sister" and I'm sure, now, he's still a little jealous that he got a sister and not a brother...oh well! Lea was nice and didn't protest when I let Jackson hold Maylea (his first attempt at holding a baby) without even asking her if it was okay--bt he did GREAT! Look how he supports her head! And when her binky fell out, he said "uh-oh, her binky falled out...I put it back!" And he didn't freak out when she started squirming...I think it might be a sign of good things to come!! YAY! (Lea, steal any of these off here of Maylea--I'll email them to you too)

Then we attempted to get two very excited 2 1/2 year olds to sit still long enough to show off their cutie shirts...didn't happen as planned! Not the portrait I was going for, but look how cute they are together! Makes me think of the song from Rob and Big "people let me tell you 'bout my beesstt frriieendd!" HA!

Then Cooper PROUDLY shows off his new baby sister...although I think she was still adjusting to having a big brother! Look at that FACE! :)

And yet again, we tried to get two 2 1/2 year olds and a 10 day old together for a picture...let's just say I shall stick to seniors! So much easier!! Poor Maylea! If she had only known what she was in for this week, she might have stayed cooking for a week longer!

We spent most of our time in Wichita hanging out with one of newest members of the Carroll clan:

But, he hung out with GG Jane most of the time we were hog!!

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Sheri said...

Ramie great pictures! I miss you guys!