Monday, June 22, 2009

Austin Trip

The first weekend in May, we took a mini-trip for our Anniversary/Uncle Elliott's wedding and headed to Austin for a night and day. When we got there, we had some time before we were going to meet up with my friend Lindsay (we were all going out for our anniversary dinner!), so we checked with the concierge at the Hyatt, and she recommended the Austin Children's Museum--and it was FUN!

We walked over Congress bridge to the museum--which was all decked out in Thomas the Train! Our LUCKY DAY! We spent a couple of hours just letting Jackson wander and explore and create...we made some really cool crafts!

He made a really cool take a large piece of plastic, color it, put it in an over and watch it melt and shrink into a pendant the size of a quarter! Jackson thought it was the coolest thing! We kept it and put it on a chain later so he could wear it.

Upstairs, you could make cars--Adam and Jackson made an AWESOME car and raced it down a ramp, where it in turn, crashed and burned...sadly!

We were a little hungry on our way back, so we stopped at a really cute little bistro where they had apple juice in a glass bottle...hands down, it looked JUST like beer and Jackson kept saying "Daddy-O, don't drink my beer, k?" I could have died right there in that bistro...but he loved it, and it WAS kinda funny! They also made homemade potato chips that were to DIE for...YUM!

That night, we met up with Lindsay for happy hour and a fabulous dinner! We exchanged our anniversary gifts: a watch for Adam and my FLIP HD. After dinner, we walked down Congress to see the bats....fascinating is all I can say...and had Amy's Ice Cream...soooo good! Later, we headed back to the Hyatt for a night cap. We were in the Lobby/Bar area and the hotel manager walked over to ask Jackson if he would like a giant cookie...DUH?! So he brings this huge cookie! Jackson says, "Oh, thank you very much!" and with that, the manager says, "You can't have a cookie without some milk!" So he goes off to find Jackson some milk, and returns with the coolest Boiling Pin jug! Jackson's eyes were HUGE!! He was a spoiled little boy that night! Museum, "beer", ice cream, cookies and milk, AND a cool jug?! Geez!!

Needless to say, Jack Jack was ready for bed!!

We had a great little trip to ATX and we can't wait to go back! We miss you Miss Winzy!!

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