Monday, June 22, 2009


I had some pressure this morning, although I ran a couple of errands anyway (stop yelling! Adam already did that all freaking morning...) I called Dr. Taylor's office to see if she wanted to see me for a follow-up after yesterday. They called right back and yes, I needed to come in around 3:30pm. Dr. Taylor is leaving for Hawaii for 10 days, so she wanted to see me before she left...lucky lady!

Everything looked good, although she has no idea why I was contracting or why I am having pressure. She checked my cervix and it's closed and tight, but she wants me to see Dr. Rowe (the specialist) yet again for him to do a complete ultrasound to see the position of the baby and the thickness of my cervix.

When I told her about our trip to Tennessee, she said no. No flying, no traveling, strict bed rest for at least a week. Great. But then I asked, "what if the baby is just low and HE's causing the pressure? What if Dr. Rowe says I can go?" Then I can go. Cautiously.

In my head and heart, I shouldn't go. I need to park my fat ass on this bed (where I am now) and just be still. It's hard. I hate it. But I REALLY wanted to take Jackson to Tennesse and see all the family and see Sabrina's FABULOUS wedding and go on a REAL vacation...I'm totally bummed...

And let's just get this out there: I'm not a good patient. I HATE being waited on. I HATE being still. I HATE not being able to do all those things that are running through my head, b/c, let's face it, none of these same thoughts run through a man's head, and as much as I can articulate things to Adam to do, men just don't do things like we that gets me frustrated. I love Adam dearly, and all men are the same, so it's not HIM, it's just the fact that there is a penis before a with everyone with a I'm just venting b/c WHAT THE HELL ELSE am I going to do while I sit here in the silence of my house!?

God love him. He's been great today. He got me home, put pillows all around me, got me water, my book, my laptop all set up, and then went to go get Jackson from GG, get dinner from GG, and then get about 8 movies for the next 2 days. He is being very supportive. I'm very thankful for him...I just pray he can stand me after 3 days of being my nurse...poor guy.

So now, we wait. I promise I'm going to get some blogging done...right after I get the engagements posted...God, that is hanging over my head and I hate it....along with the 3 books I have to finish...see, this is what happens...all this shit runs through my head when I have to sit and do nothing...AHHHHHH!!

BUT, baby is still moving and active. He's a pain in my uterus already, but I still love him. We think he's mad b/c we still have no name for him...I'm working on it...

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