Monday, June 22, 2009

Ast-er-wos Game

My dad got tickets to the Astros vs. Cubs game on June 10th through Boeing. So, we all got tickets! Family night at the ball park was pretty fun! Adam and my Dad had gotten new jersey's, Jackson had his jersey from last year, and I was pretty bummed that I didn't have anything "astros" to wear--until my sister said I could wear her jersey and that she would wear her t-shirt! Then I was super happy about the game! Although, I had to keep it un-buttoned on the bottom...still, I loved the jersey!

We get down there, and we see a sea of orange in our which point Adam informs me, "oh yeah! It's Sam Houston State Alumni night! We got a thing in the mail about it...I forgot to tell you." I was still pretty excited!

We spied Sammy the Bearkat and told Jackson that he needed to meet him! How do explain to an almost 3 year old what the hell a Bearkat is? Mickey Mouse, I can handle...Sammy the Bearkat? Hmmm....

He was a little nervous at first, but Sammy gave him knuckles, blew it up, and made it rain, and it was okay after that! Some drunk women next to me took the pictures...they are a little blurry...

The game was pretty boring until the last inning...and Jackson was pissed, yet again, that they never "hit the damn ball". He kept yelling "we wanna see the train go! Hit that ball!" And finally, we got a base hit to win the game, and although the train didn't go, we got to see the keebooms so he was happy!

This shot irritated me b/c I had JUST told Adam not to shoot me from that angle b/c it would make me look HUGE...NEVER shoot a pregnant women from's rude!! Hence my face:

After the game, Jackson also got to meet Dr. Gaertner. He thought Jackson was pretty cute, and his wife wanted to take Jackson home! He loved that he was a "true" Bearkat!


gma2jack said...

Yep, you look totally pi$$ed off:) That was a fun night!!

Aunt Tacey said...

But at least "I look gooood"