Monday, November 03, 2008


So last week me, Jackson, my mom, and my grandma headed out for the 10 hour car ride to Wichita for a distant cousin's wedding. That was Tuesday morning at 8:00am. By noon, we stopped for lunch at Braum's and had a hamburger and, of course, a twist waffle cone! Then back on the road. We stopped 3 more times b/c Jackson would call from the backseat, "Ohhhh, I gotta go poop!" So we would stop, he would go into the bathroom and sit down, then squeeze his legs together and say, "Ohhh, I can't go poop." Lovely. Finally, we figured out that he was scared of the automatic flushing toilets! Go figure! Bythe time we got to Uncle Bob's house, he was a little constipated, poor baby!

He loved their new little yorkie, Izzy (aka: whittle dog..busy...dat one). Jackson kept saying "I yike dis whittle doggie!"

Wednesday, we got up and went to visit my grandma's Aunt Toddie. Aunt Toddie and Aunt Mauddie were like sister's to my grandmother. Aunt Toddie lives on a farm (the same farm that last year we took pictures on the tractor? Remember? Any blog stalkers remember that?) This time, Jackson was impressed with the goats and the chickens and the roosters! He and MeeMaw went out to see them and then Jackson came back in to tell GG "I see chickens and eggs! And dat wootser say "Cock a doodle DOOOOOO!!!" "I yike does goats!" "Hi kitty!" "A Bunny!" "What's dat making noise?!?!" Really, he talked the ENTIRE time we were at the farm!

We saw Miss Sherri on Wednesday too! We had busy days while we were there! She and Jackson played race cars and exchanged Halloween presents! Too sweet!
That night, we saw mom's friend Jeanie and her new granddaughter Lily (6 months) Jackson enjoyed Lily as she kept trying to grab his face and give him a kiss! A girl who knows what she wants--I loved it!! I have some video of that somewhere....

Thursday, we met up with Carolyn and her grandkids! Lunch at Bella Luna was fabulous--I'll be going back there next time we are in town! Then on to Jenny's to see Mr Parker! We didn't get enough time with them and I have no pictures...uhhh. Their family got sick that night and the next day, so we didn't get back together this time, but I'm sure they'll be coming down to see us soon and we'll get tons of pics then! Jackson slept the whole time we were at their house, too, so it wasn't a great playdate for the boys like we thought! HA! Oh well!

Thursday was Aunt Michelle birthday so we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and back to Uncle Bob's house for Ice Cream Cake--yum-o!! We got to see Danielle and her adorable baby bump! She is just a perfectly round ball in the front! Too cute! I didn't get any pictures of that either...did I mention that I left my big camera at home and only took the G7?!

Friday was a BIG day. We met up with mom's bowling girls for lunch: Jeanie, Phyllis, and Anne. Eggcetera in Old Town is another fabulous place to eat! We ate alot! I'm still trying to burn it all off...oh well. We left there and headed to West Acres Bowl where my mom and her friends bowled. My sister and I practically grew up there! From the time I was a baby, I was in the nursery on Thursday nights for my parent's co-ed league. And my dad's men's league, and my mom's church league....We met up with Cooper and Lea so the boys could bowl together! They had a blast! They are getting so big! So sad!

Images from Lea, Cooper's Mom...Thanks!

After bowling, we went to Segwick County Park to play on the new AWESOME playground! The boys played FOREVER and really wore themselves out!! They play really well together too! Me, Lea, and Sherri had alot of fun too and it was great to see them! That night, I crashed! Literally!

Saturday was the wedding. It was not until Friday night that I realized that I forgot the belt to my dress, which made the outfit complete. Damn it! So, as you will see, I have the same outfit on for a TON of the know when you have that go to outfit. I love it: my cute khakis that make my butt look small, my black jacket, my cute tank with the lace on the bottom, and my new favorite blue jewelry. Literally, I've worn it for the following: Family Christmas pictures, to Huntsville to see Randy, Our New House card (same day as family pictures), Friday out with the girls in Wichita, and then to the wedding (b/c I didn't have anything else to wear to the wedding) and everytime, I've been photographed in it! oh well! My family will tell me they are tired of seeing me in it and I won't be able to wear it ever again--although I haven't worn it to church yet, so that's an option for next week.....HA!

The wedding was great! Jackson danced alot and was a doll baby the whole night. We were home by 9:00pm. End of wedding story.

Sunday we strolled around Haysville. We saw the new park and hung out with Uncle Bob. Jackson LOVES his Uncle Bob...and his Uncle Russ too! They are both so good to him! He is very lucky. I love watching the two of them with him as well--they are each like my grandpa in their own way, so it's like having a little piece of Grand Poppy Joe around...

Sunday afternoon, Jackson, Mom and I took a trip to Cox Farms for a hayrack ride, Pumpkin picking, and adventures in a Corn Maze! It was cold! We had a little bit of fun, though...really, not that much fun. Oh well.

Monday, we came home. I was tired, crabby, and wanted to go to sleep. I thought we would never make it home. Traffic was bad. Traffic sucked. I was driving and I wanted to run everyone was time to come home!

Again, I don't have alot of pictures b/c I intended to send my camera gear off to Canon for cleaning/recalibrating/tuning but I didn't have time. So, hopefully I can get that done this week before my weddings this weekend! Busy Busy Busy!

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