Monday, November 17, 2008

Disney on Ice

My friend Melissa called on our way home from Wichita to ask if we wanted to go to Disney on Ice--OF COURSE!! I had her get me 3 tickets and the date was set! YEAH!

So the crew--Me, Jackson (2), Aunt Tacey...Melissa and Hannah Grace (3)...Paige, Eliza (7), Kate (3)...all jammed into one Chrysler Town & Country mini-van! Car seats and all! Melissa sat on the floor and Paige squeezed her little butt in the back with the car seats! Such good sports! The kids LOVED it!

The show started and Jackson was in AWE! I can't wait to take him to Disney World--he will piss himself! He could NOT believe that Mickey Mouse was right in front of him! The theme included The Incredibles on a trip to Disney and then Mickey and Minnie get kidnapped and they have to rescue them...kinda weird, not MY fav, but Jackson loved every minute! He danced and sang along...and all the kids had a great time!

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