Monday, November 17, 2008


Our Halloween was pretty mellow...we had some people over for chili and pumpkin carving. Adam got off work a few hours early (thank goodness) and was able to carve a couple of pumpkins...we hadn't gotten our pumpkins as of Halloween day, so we stopped by the patch (just in time) to see if the had anything left, and we got 4 HUGE pumpkins for a $20 donation to the church! We got 2 smooth, and 2 warty ones! I loved 'em!

Then we started the trick or treating. We'll be doing that much earlier next year, so as not to miss out on the party on the block! We went to Aunt Di and Uncle Russ' first and by the time we got back in the car, little man was tired, crabby, and OVER the costume! Uhhh..."I NO WEAR MY HAT! NO BOOTS! I NO WANT TO!" Lovely....We stopped at my friend Lindsey's Mom's house and had a nice chat until the meltdown, then back in the car....and he was done. 2 houses. 2 pieces of candy? Are you kidding me?! We skipped Grandma and GGs and headed home to meet up with some friends for a few more house--forcefully. "You WILL put this outfit on! You WILL say Trick or Treat! And you WILL like it!" "Yes ma'am" So we trick or treated about 6 houses on our block...and the kids were done.

Jackson enjoyed just sitting and passing out candy. Really. He did it the rest of the night! About 9:00pm, the party on the block started! We packed up the cooler and took our party to the end of the court to join the BIG party and drink and eat and sing and dance to Halloween music and gossip with the neighbors! It was FABULOUS!! WE LOVE OUR STREET!!

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