Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Little Artist

I really do hope that Jackson takes after his Mommy and my love of the arts. I love to create things--anything really. And I LOVE music. Everything about it. I will always vote for more creative arts in school, FYI. Math--p*sha! Science--pffft! Creative arts classes--bring it on!

Someday, Jackson will play the guitar (and piano if Mommy has anything to do with it!) and sing and create stuff too. Right now, we practice! He LOVES to "white". He always wants to write. On everything (including envelops)...and he loves markers. He knows he is only allowed to write on paper and he's pretty careful, too.

Today, while Mommy is on a mission to get ALL products/cards/weddings/orders/sessions/disc of images/dvd slideshows COMPLETE by December 1st, Jackson has been a good sport and colored nearly all day. Seriously. I brought my computer downstairs so that I can still play trains at the drop of a hat, but he was content with sitting at the picnic table next to me drawing. I bought him a sketch book and he's been working away at filling it! I'm trying to take pictures of all his Picaso work and then someday make a book out of all of them...someday!


Sheri said...

Hey Jackson - Make Miss Sheri one! I would LOVE to hang it in my office. Don't forget to sign it :)

Ramie Babcock said...

I'll try, but I'm better at singing my ABCs than writing them! HA!