Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I would love to say that I am a full time stay at home mom....really, I am. I run a household full time. I also run a business full's a lot to juggle. BUT, I LOVE being at home. So here was my schedule today, to give you an idea of our life at home:

Wake Up (9:00am)
Brush Teeth, Brush Hair, Pee (for the whole family)
Take the sheets off the bed for laundry
Start Laundry
Throw clothes on and run to Kroger/Dry Cleaners/Starbucks (at Kroger)
Unload Dishwasher
Start Lunch (Adam eats lunch before work on off weeks) from Deceptively Delicious cookbook
Change out Laundry
Get on a roll cooking and start Pumpkin Muffins and prep brunch casserole for tomorrow
Pack Adam's dinner for work
Change out Laundry
Load Dishwasher/Start
Call Melissa and Paige about Disney on Ice tonight
Call Aunt Tacey at work
Call client about Christmas Card and print Order
Finish 2 more pages on Courtney's wedding book (only 10 more to go!)
Place Sarah's Christmas Card order
Email 2 clients back
Fold down 1 basket of Laundry
Take muffins out of oven, throw in brunch casserole
Kiss Adam goodbye and tell him to have fun at work
Turn on Roomba (thank GOD for the machine)
Wipe down ENTIRE kitchen with Clorox, clean stove grills
Light Glade candles to get rid of the Clorox smell
Unload Dishwasher
Email client
Take Jackson upstairs and pick up playroom--make new track on Train table (not on the schedule)
Clean endtables and pick up living room

Right now, I am sitting at the dining room table typing while Jackson is writing on my to do list tablet...and asking me "what's your mast name? what's your mast name? Babcock?! Okay." and then trying to write it out! He's also singing the On Demand Sprout song..."On Demand, or on TV..Day or Night or Online Too, Sprout is always here for you!"

...all in a days' work! And it's only 1:00...

At 3:00, we are getting in the shower to get ready for Disney on Ice! I can't wait! Me and Jack and Aunt Tacey, Paige and Eliza and Katie, Melissa and Hannah Grace are having Mommy and Me Date night! YEAH!! Pictures to come!!


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